Publications and resources

Publications and resources

LaFASA Publications, Brochures & Resource Materials
Louisiana Sexual Violence Primary Prevention Plan: A Follow-Up

In 2014, statewide stakeholders collaborated on an update to the previous Louisiana Sexual Violence Primary Prevention Plan.  Using input from sexual assault center staff, the new Plan is about putting theory into action.  It includes special sections on lessons learned and monitoring and evaluation.

LaFASA's 2015 Annual Report
contains information regarding what we have done this past year! Check it out today.
Want to see how we did in 201420112010 or 2009?

LaFASA's Resource Directory
is a listing of a variety of services that can be used to help survivors of sexual violence.  The Directory is broken out by parish as well as type of service.

Care*ageous Kids Coloring Book 
This free resource is a tool for educators and counselors to help kids and parents learn to prevent and deal with sexual violence.

LaFASA brochures
Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault 
Sexual Abuse and Healing: A Guide for Parents
Bystander Intervention: Engaging Men
Personal Safety Tips & Dating Violence
Sexual Assault: Healing Takes Time
Sexual Assault & Healing for Male Survivors 
Serving and Supporting LGBTQ Survivors of Sexual Violence

Requesting Resources
To request copies of these brochures, other resources, or to make a suggestion about new topics for LaFASA to consider please contact the Outreach Coordinator:, 225-372-8995, or request resources by contacting us here.
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